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We will notify you when your website is running slower than usual or if it stops working for some reason. We will let you know in advance about the expiring SSL certificate.
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Before your customers tell you that your website is having problems, you have already solved the problem.


If the speed starts to drop, you'll be the first to know about it.


We will remind you of the expiring SSL certificate.

We'll let you know first,
when we start beta testing

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Quick reaction

The problem on our website appeared at night - there was not enough disk space. Thanks to, we found out about it in the morning and the IT department solved the problem before the first customers arrived.

Damian Synowiec

Our clients expect help from our specialists in a very short time. So we cannot afford downtime. That is why our IT department uses Pingus.Cloud services and receives notifications on an ongoing basis in the event of problems.

Mirela Chudala

Baked Games S.A.

We are currently testing our Prison Simulator game, which will be released soon. We collect feedback from testers, so our website must be available all the time. Pingus.Cloud allows us to react quickly in case of problems.

Adam Mozdżeń

Grupa Górnośląskie Centrum Finansowe

The implementation of Pingus.Cloud made us aware of the problems that occurred on our hosting. Thanks to this, we changed the server on which our website is hosted. We still use Pingus.Cloud to monitor our website.

Closed Beta

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